6 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

By on December 5th, 2017


If you’re not fond of the cold and find yourself stuck in and bored during the chilly winter months, keep yourself busy with these 6 indoor activities for students to help beat winter boredom…

1. Learn Something New

Learn something new alongside your studies during the Christmas break to keep your brain active! Some ideas include reading up on a new interest, gaining a new skill such as crocheting, practising a new language or finally picking up that instrument that’s been collecting dust in the corner!

2. Get Social

Find out what social events are on over Christmas at your accommodation and university so you don’t miss out! Or even host your own games night and catch up with friends or flatmates.

3. Be Creative

With so much festive inspiration around, now is the perfect time to get creative! If you’re a fan of cooking, why not challenge yourself to a new wintery dish or bake a festive treat? You could even knit a new scarf, master the art of origami, paint a masterpiece or become YouTube vlogger… there is no limit!

4. Have a Clear Out

Start the new year feeling fresh, de-cluttered and organised by having a big clear-out and donating any unwanted clothes/items to your local charity!

5. Keep Fit

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your student accommodation to detoxify and tone up during winter. Make an indoor work-out plan (press-ups, squats, mountain-climbers, crunches the works) or take up yoga – this way you won’t feel too guilty diving head first into your Christmas feast!

6. Get Cosy

As Semester 1 comes to an end, you can finally catch up on all those Netflix series’ you’ve been dying to binge-watch! Get cosy in your favourite onesie with a blanket and a hot chocolate and you’re good to go!

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