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From ensuite rooms in shared flats to independent studios, The Railyard in Cambridge allows you to match your student accommodation to your lifestyle. Stephenson and Telford boast a younger, livelier vibe – just the thing for new freshers who are settling in. Brunel, on the other hand, is made up of comfortable studio apartments, making it perfect for post-graduates or final year students.

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There is plenty for students to do in Coventry itself, with a range of restaurants, clubs and bars and various music, sports, cultural and historical events throughout the year - there really is something to suit every taste.

Living in Cambridge


When should I apply for student accommodation in Cambridge?


It’s best to book your student accommodation in Cambridge as soon as you know you’re going to study there. You can apply for student accommodation from a year before your studies begin, but if it’s more last minute that’s not a problem. Student accommodation applications are often received right before studies begin, due to the clearing process.


How do I apply for student accommodation in Cambridge?


Depending on whether you’re in your first year or further on in your studies, applying for student accommodation in Cambridge is relatively straightforward. Simply choose the building and type of room you’d like to live in, apply online and we’ll handle it from there. You’ll need some more details further on in the process, but we’ll keep you updated throughout your application.


How much is student accommodation in Cambridge?


Student accommodation prices in Cambridge can vary, however, the overall cost of living is estimated to be around £10,000, with the University of Cambridge estimating approximately £10,170. This is depending on lifestyle and personal choices, but accommodation costs will be the majority of this estimation.


Where can I find student accommodation near the University of Cambridge?


The University of Cambridge has a variety of accommodations to choose from, and Downing Students has student accommodation to suit all needs. Choose a room that works for you from our Railyard location, and enjoy a whole host of benefits. Including on-site support, gyms, super-fast Wi-Fi and plenty of study zones.


Do you offer short term student accommodation in Cambridge?


We offer fantastic options for students looking for accommodation for the entire academic year and those who require short term student accommodation in Cambridge. You can select from a variety of tenancy lengths ranging from 52, 48, 8, 4 and 2 weeks.


Do you offer summer accommodation for students?


Downing Students has a wide variety of rooms available for student accommodation in Cambridge over the summer period. You can either extend your contract with us or join us for the summer months - the perfect way to enjoy Cambridge in the sunshine whilst you rest from your studies.


How do I apply for private student accommodation?


Applying for Downing Students private student accommodation in Cambridge is straightforward. All you have to do is find the location you’d like to live in, select the room that has the best amenities for what you need and apply. We’ll need some basic information from you, but we’ll handle all of that when necessary.

What is Cambridge like for students?


Cambridge is a great place for students to immerse themselves in traditional British culture and the stereotypical student experience. Enjoy long walks along the scenic canals and river during the day, and party at one of the many bars and clubs during the night. The perfect balance for any student to enjoy.


Can I move in earlier than my start date?


You can move in on or after the ‘Tenancy Start Date’ as specified in your tenancy agreement. We will write to you near the time with more information about collecting your keys and our Reception opening hours.


Is Cambridge safe for students?


Compared to other areas in the UK, Cambridge is one of the safest cities in the UK, not just for students but for all residents. Naturally, you can run into trouble, but remaining vigilant and using common sense will keep you out of harm's way. Cambridge is overall a very safe city to live and study in.


What is the average living costs for students in Cambridge?


Recent figures released by the University of Cambridge have estimated that the average living costs for students in Cambridge sit around the £10,000 mark. This is dependent on the price of accommodation, the lifestyle and commitments of the student and other varying factors.



Is there parking available at my student accommodation?


Unfortunately, at our University of Cambridge student accommodation, there are no parking options available. However, there are nearby car parks you can take advantage of if you need to bring your car to Cambridge.


What facilities are available in my student accommodation in Cambridge?


Downing Students offer a huge range of facilities to enjoy in your student accommodation with us. Cycle storage, state of the art gyms, study zones, games areas, laundry facilities and 24/7 on-site support. All of our bills are included too, along with contents insurance security camera, all the stressful stuff is already taken care of.

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