Halloween Costumes for Students 2018

By on October 28th, 2018


Got a last-minute invite to a Halloween party or want a costume that’ll stand out amongst the crowd? We’ve put together our top 10 costume ideas for 2018 that you can buy or even make yourself…

1. Beware of Fake News

2018 has been the year of fake news, so why not embrace it by fashioning a skirt out of newspapers and writing ‘FAKE’ on a T-shirt! Idea by @daniellesmodernlife

2. Avocado on Toast

Dress up as your favourite breakfast! To make this yourself, all you need is two large foam core poster boards, plenty of felt and a hot glue gun! See the full DIY guide here.


3. Rick & Morty

If you and your pal are ready to get sucked into interdimensional adventures together, then you’ll both definitely need these Ricky and Morty costumes! Find them here.

4. Someone Else’s Reflection

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, I didn’t make any effort at all.” To create this look, all you will need is an old t-shirt, some duct tape and a lightweight mirror.

5. Classic Sheet Ghost


This costume is perfect for anyone wanting to make the least amount of effort this year! All you will need is a white bedsheet. Scissors are optional if you wish to create holes for your eyes…

6. Something Dead

You can’t go wrong with this traditional look. To make this costume yourself, you’ll need a Halloween face paint pallet, some fake blood and old clothes that you can rip up.

7. Ghosted

When unanswered texts give you nightmares… this costume is perfect for anyone who doesn’t take their dating pitfalls too seriously.

8. Dancing Queen

2018 has so far seen the release of Mamma Mia 2 and Theresa May’s trending dance moves! Why not combine the two with this amazing ‘Dancing Queen’ costume idea! All you will need to make this yourself is a wig, a suit and a badge.


9. A Mummy

This inexpensive costume idea will also keep you nice and warm. To make this costume, get yourself a skin-coloured base layer such as a vest top and leggings, a lot of bandages and some serious wrapping skills.

10. Skeleton

Another Halloween classic that can be made with just two products- black and white make-up!


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