Money Saving Tips for Students

By on November 7th, 2017


With Christmas fast-approaching, a little extra cash could go a long way! Here are our top 10 money saving tips for students…

1. Budget Your Money

Budgeting is a life skill, so start now and you’ll thank yourself later. Work out your incomings and outgoings, track how much you spend and see whether it all balances out.

Check out this handy student budget sheet by Save the Student: Student budget worksheet

2. Student Discounts

Get yourself a discount card to make the most of any student savings you can get your hands on.

An NUS card gives you access to heaps of great discounts throughout your university life, so it could be worth considering if you don’t yet have one.

3. Eat for Less

For the best bargains, try doing your food shopping in the evenings when the supermarkets reduce items that are going out of date (but still fresh enough to eat!) and never shop on an empty stomach if you want to avoid impulse buying!

4. Take Cash on Nights Out

Don’t make the mistake of racking up an expensive bar tab by taking your bank card out with you! Take a budgeted amount of cash on nights out so you don’t get carried away with the rooftop cocktails.

5. Prepare Meals

Plan for the week ahead by preparing and freezing your meals. This is not only a great way to make sure you stick to your diet plan, but you will save a tonne of cash by cooking from scratch and eating out less.

6. Quit the Unnecessary Spending

Quit the expensive habits that are not only damaging your bank balance but your health too!

Get a quitting kit or use the free NHS stop smoking service.

7. Visit the Library

Books can be expensive so make sure to check out the university library first. There are also sites such as Google Books and Google Scholar that can be handy for finding relevant chapters for free online. If that doesn’t work, try Amazon, Gumtree or eBay for cheap second-hand books that cost less.

8. Cut Travel Costs

Cut back on the cost of travelling to/from university by investing in a Railcard or student bus pass. If you live close enough, why not cycle or walk to stay fit as well as saving money.

9. Don’t Let ‘The Little Things’ Add Up

As much as we all love a morning coffee from our favourite coffee shop, the cost can add up! Take your own in a flask to cut out unnecessary spending.

10. Choose Accommodation Wisely


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