Do I need to quarantine?

Your safety will always be our priority. To find out more about how we have ensured all our properties are covid secure and a safe place for our residents to call home please click here.


The quarantine requirements for students travelling to the UK to study differ depending on the country you are travelling from.

The UK has categorised these by green, amber and red listed countries and territories.


Green Listed Countries

No quarantine requirement for students travelling from green list countries. View list of countries here.

Amber Listed Countries

You must quarantine for 10 days at your student accommodation if you arrive from an amber country. View list of countries here.

Red Listed Countries

Arrivals from red listed countries must quarantine for 10 days at a hotel when you arrive in the UK. Many universities have announced that they will fund the hotel costs for all students travelling from red listed countries. View list of countries here.


If you arrive from an amber listed country you will spend your quarantine period with us in your accommodation.

Our teams will be available to support everything you need:

Door to door deliveries – our team will deliver everything you need to your doorstep. From parcels, takeaways and food shops

Well-being checks

– our team will be available 24/7 to check on your well-being during your quarantine period. All students will be able to contact their halls teams if there is anything they need and the team will do daily wellbeing checks

Testing – for students following the covid testing programme we will deliver the tests to their doors and can post them back

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